Here are some fixes for common issues as well as helpful tutorials for staff.

Setting Adobe Reader DC as your Default PDF app in Windows 10 follow this link: Default App

A common issue in the classroom is the ActivBoard sound or response going out. For steps on resetting your Board follow this link: Resetting ActivBoard

Here are a few tips and walkthroughs on effectively setting up and using your gradebook: High School, Middle School

Here are steps on posting your grades: High School, Middle School

Following is a WalkThrough on Authorizing an Unknown iPad to the Internet, as well as logging that iPad off at the end of the browsing session: Unknown Device Authorization

Form for Requesting websites be blocked/unblocked: Block/Unblock Website

Disabling TeamViewer for the North Dakota State Assessment Online Practice Test: Disable TeamViewer

Important Office 365 links: O365

Information on Digital Citizenship: Digital Citizenship

Use of Photosync to Transfer files from IPads to Laptops: PhotoSync Tutorial

Use of Photosync to Transfer files from Laptops to iPads: PhotoSync Tutorial

Setting up Archiving of Open and Sent messages in PinkNotes: PinkNote Archiving

Troubleshooting iPad Cache Issues: O365 Dual Account Error

Troubleshooting iPad Cache Issues: Websites on Loading