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Parental Directive to Withhold Administration of a Student Assessment

House Bill (HB) 1389 states, “A student’s parent may direct the school district in which the student is enrolled not to administer to the student any state test or state assessment required in accordance with section 15.1-21-08.”

Previously, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction provided a standard form to districts to be used in obtaining a parent directive to withhold administration of a student assessment. This form is required to be on the district’s website at the start of each school year.

Parents will need to complete an individual form for each student and each assessment from which they wish to be exempt, as well as the school year in which they are requesting exemption. The form is to be completed each year by the parent in order for the student to be exempt in the current school year. School districts are required to retain the form in the student’s file and to compile information for a yearly report, regarding how many directives were received and for which assessments.

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